This post is here to show you all you need to know about Facebook Face Recognition, How to Activate Facebook facial recognition and How to disable the Facebook Facial recognition.
Facebook Face Recognition | How To Activate Facebook facial recognition - All You Need To Know
Are you curious about what facial recognition is and how it works? You don’t have to be worried anymore, I will guide you through everything you need to know about facial recognition.

Have you ever asked yourself what facial recognition is? Face recognition works using a computer app that captures a digital image of an individual’s face and compares it to the already existing images stored in the database.
Facebook now has a facial recognition feature that helps Facebook users to combat fake accounts using other people’s photos.

It alerts Facebook users whenever a photo or a video is posted to the user’s timeline. Facebook facial recognition is known for its user-friendliness and high verification rates.

The world’s best social platform is also planning to reintroduce its facial recognition features both in Europe and Canada that means Facebook will tag you in photos and videos automatically, instead of a friend tagging you on Facebook.

How does Facebook Face Recognition Work? 
Facebook creates a template by using your already existing images including your profile photo and your tagged photos.

If an image is uploaded, Facebook checks for similarities between the uploaded image and your already existing image, and if any image is identified being similar to yours, you will be automatically tagged to that images.

Steps to activate Facebook facial recognition 
To activate Facebook face recognition on your device, follow the out listed steps below. This steps will guide you through the process;

1. Log into your Facebook account.

2. Tap on the three line icon that appears at the right-hand corner of your page.

3. Go to your settings page.

4. Click on privacy and shortcuts.

5. Choose more settings. 

6. Click on face recognition.

7. Then select Yes or No.

If you have tag suggestions turned off, your Facebook facial recognition feature will be turned off by default but if your tag suggestions status is set to friends, then your Facebook facial recognition is enabled (on), if it is set to *no one” then it will turn off.

However, you are not ok with this feature if it is enabled on your Facebook account, you can turn it off.

How to turn off Facebook Face Recognition 
Here’s how to turn off, opt out, and stop those annoying auto name tags from appearing in Facebook pictures:
1. Click on the small inverted triangle icon at the top right of your Facebook page to open the drop-down menu. Click on “Settings.”
2. Next, select “Timeline and Tagging” from the panel that appears on the left side of the new page. “Tagging” will appear at the top of the second section of the next page that opens.
3. Three questions will appear here. The first asks you who you want to see posts that you’re tagged in. Click on “Edit” next to the question, then on the “Friends” icon. Then you’ll be given the option of selecting what friends you want to see these pictures, and you can change “Friends” to “Only me.” It’s worth noting that “Friends” is Facebook’s automatic opt-in.
4. Go through the remaining two questions and repeat the process.
5. You’ll have other options on the “Friends” drop-down menu as well, and you can customize your selections if you only want certain people to be able to see the tags.

Other Tagged Image Privacy Tips 
You can also choose to hide who can see images you’re tagged in by selecting “Photos and Videos You’re Tagged In” and clicking “Only me.” This way, photos you don’t want others to see will not show up on other people’s Facebook feed.

You can also review and control your timeline and specify who can post on your timeline by going to the “Timeline and Tagging” page.

Changing your Facebook privacy settings will not automatically delete any tags that have already been added to existing photos, but you can delete them manually by viewing an image you’ve been tagged in and looking underneath the image for “In this photo: (names of tagged people) (photos · remove tag).”

Next, all you have to do is ask for your name to be removed.

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