How to Install Facebook Messenger | Install Facebook Messenger app

How to Install Facebook Messenger | Install Facebook Messenger app: was developed as a standalone application that allows you to chat with and send to all of your without having to go through the main application.

In some countries though, there is permission to a Facebook without having a . The Facebook messenger application is available for mobile phones like , phones, and Windows phones and amazingly it can also be accessed from the official Messenger website on your . Aside from chatting with , Messenger allows you to make voice and video calls, chat with chatbots, and also send and receive money.


Step by step guide on how to install Facebook messenger for Mobile

Maybe you own an IPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, android phones or windows phone, follow these guide on install Messenger:

  • Open the device Store(iOS device), Play store(android), Windows store(windows phone): You can install Messenger for free using the application available for on these stores
  • Locate and tap the “Search” tab on the screen: This will the store app’s field.
  • Search for “Messenger.”: A list of matching will appear then click on the application for further information.
  • Then “GET”(iOS device), install (android) next to the “Messenger” app: Make sure this is the app developed by “Facebook, Inc.”
  • After this tap “INSTALL” to begin installing the app: The app should begin downloading immediately.
  • You then need to launch Facebook Messenger after downloading it.

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Steps to Facebook Messenger: When you launch Messenger, you’ll be prompted to log in. If you already have Facebook installed on your device, you can quickly log in with the same Facebook account.

Welcome to Facebook messenger, Conversation is easy and fun!

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