How to Link Instagram to Twitter

How to Link to Twitter: Linking your with enables you to share your directly to you twitter and enables you to post directly to either platform from the other. To connect the , you could manually set it up via your Settings , and ones you successfully connect both accounts, each time you posts or images on on, you will be prompted if you desire to post it to the other but remember, this convenient button only shows up after linking both accounts through the

How To Link Instagram

Create the Connection

From your Instagram application, your and choose the gear icon, from the list of options, pick “Share Settings” which presents a list of accounts with which you could share you Instagram posts. Tap “Twitter” and afterwards validate your option to allow you to connect to Twitter. You may be asked to validate with your twitter details, simply key in these details and boom, if accurate, your accounts are connected.

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These are the simple steps you need to follow to connect Instagram accounts with twitter. Kindly help us share this article

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