Set Up Free Facebook – Facebook New Account | How To Create Facebook New Account: Do you want to create a new Facebook account?
Let’s quickly consider the step by step guide on how to easily create a Facebook account fast.
Set Up Free Facebook - Facebook New Account | How To Create Facebook New Account

Facebook New Account – This post is all about how to create Facebook New Account. I’ll try to make the post as easy as possible, and the steps on creating Facebook New Account easily too.

Before you can create a Facebook New Account, you will need to have a valid email address, which you will use to open this Free Facebook account.

You can also use a phone number or mobile application for the creation of the free Facebook account. The use of a phone or mobile number to create a Facebook New Account is easier than the use of email address since you’ll have to activate or verify your new free Facebook account.

Having a Facebook new account is good since has proven to be a great place for reconnecting with friends, families and also for selling your goods and services.

With a Free Facebook account, you can advertise your services, meet new friends from around the world.

How to Create Facebook New Account Via The Web | Free Facebook 

1. Go to
2. A Facebook signup form will be seen, just fill in all the necessary information.
3. Then click on the Facebook signup to proceed.
4. In case you want to create a Facebook New Account using a mobile number, just enter the verification code sent to your mobile device.
5. Click on ”ok” to continue
6. After creating a Free Facebook account, you can then add friends from the suggested friends list and you will then be navigated to your home page.

Create Facebook New Account Via Facebook Mobile App 
1. Download and install the Facebook App
2. Then launch and move to the Facebook sign-up page
3. Click on create new account to create a Free Facebook Account.
4. Enter all required data and the sign-up icon.
5. Then enter the 5-digit code sent to your email address
6. Add a mobile number
7. Then click on confirm and you will be moved to your home page

When you are finished with creating your Facebook New Account, all that will be left is for you to edit your privacy settings to suit your personal needs, set up your Facebook profile, then you can start posting or sharing for your friends to see and comment and also like.

With your Free Facebook, you will be able to chat new people, join Facebook groups, like facebook pages of your choice and also join events etc.

You can login Facebook via the web OR you can stay signed-in on the Facebook app. To log in to the Facebook app, you will need your mobile number or email address and password.

Once you fill in the required information, click on Facebook login to continue.

That is it on Set Up Free Facebook – Facebook New Account | How To Create Facebook New Account.